The PockeTerm is a small Propeller based board which implements RS-232, PS/2 keyboard, and SVGA monitor output. It comes with firmware to emulate a VT100. However, because both the hardware and software are open source, it is easy to develop alternate firmware.

ajvTerm is firmware for the PockeTerm focused on emulating an ANSI terminal. Its primary use by the author is as a terminal attached via the COM1 port to his Linux system. The terminal is in day to day use for editing (vim), web browsing (lynx), RSS reading (newsbeuter) and Usenet access (tin). Most often it is used with multiple virtual terminals via the "screen" utility.

You'll want to right click on the firmware link below, and save it to your local disk. If you right click and save the source distribution, you'll need gzip to decompress this source archive, and then tar to extract it.

You'll also need a second serial port on your PC, and a cable to connect it to the second serial port of the PockeTerm (this second port is used to feed the new firmware onto the PockeTerm). I develop under Linux, and if you're using Linux you can get instructions for both building and loading firmware here. There's a Linux based suite of tools here.

Please have a look at my starter notes for a brief summary of how to use the firmware.

I'll be happy to answer questions about ajvTerm. You can get in touch with me privately via my contact form.

A special thanks goes to Vince Briel for coming out with the neat little PockeTerm. He was very supportive of this firmware development, and I had a lot of fun cooking up this software!

Latest release:
Firmware binary ajvTerm-1.0.1
Firmware source ajvTerm-src-1.0.1.tar.gz

Source code repository is now available on Github.