If you're interested in VSTa (it's an historical oddity, and it is no longer developed), I've moved the primary copies of available text and documentation to sources.vsta.org.
Washington State Ferries remaining sailings. (This is based on dynamic feeds from their RSS.)
comp.sources.unix was a Usenet newsgroup which was an early way to get open source software. There don't seem to be all that many ways to get at this archive any more, so I'm hosting an archive here.
Andy Valencia's (very humble) home page is here.
Now that I've let forthos.org retire, if you're looking for the old ForthOS content, you can find it on sources.vsta.org.
In general, there's lots of my source code at sources.vsta.org.
SquirrelMail is a pretty decent webmail system, but development seems to have coasted to a halt. Sad! But since me and my family use it, I have applied necessary fixes to keep it alive: My SquirrelMail
(It runs on our modern Debian system under Apache with PHP 7.0.)